• Changes to Chat Support

    As of August 17th, 2022, Customers & Partners will be required to log in to the Sophos Support Portal to access Chat Support. This change will allow us to provide a better support experience as our Chat agents will be able to more efficiently ac...
  • Changes to creating a Support case from Sophos Central - July 6th 2022

    Starting on July 6th, 2022, the process of creating Support cases on Sophos Central will be updated. These changes will allow us to collect your full account details and direct your case to the right support team more efficiently. To start, click...
  • Advisory: Sophos Support Portal - Login Issue

    Update The issue has been resolved. The cause was related to a recent system update performed by our vendor, which has since been rolled back. Customers and Partners are now able to login to the Support Portal. Any users that are still affected are a...
  • Support Portal disabled for essential update

    Update January 23rd, 2021The Support Portal is now online. Note: As part of the recent system update, certain Support Portal accounts may be unable to login. Our team will be following up with these affected users. If you require urgent access, pleas...
  • FAQ: Support portal exposure notification email

    Sophos will continue to update this list as required. Table of Contents Q: What is the issue? Q: Is the issue corrected? Q: What information was exposed? Q: Has Sophos advised impacted individuals? Q: Are individuals expected to take any acti...
  • New Sophos Support Portal now available

    The new Sophos Support Portal gives you improved visibility and makes it much easier to track and manage support cases
  • Sophos Support is launching a new Support Portal!

    Our Global Support team is launching a new Support Portal in mid-August! [I]


    Here are some of the features we are introducing! [Y]

    • Create and manage your support cases
      • Sophos Partners can manage cases on behalf of their customers
    • More interactive ways to update and track a case
    • View and manage cases created by others in your team
    • Chat in real-time with one of our Support engineers
    • Find solutions in our knowle…