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  • Changes to Sophos Cloud Optix Standard

    Sophos Cloud Optix is available in two licenses, Cloud Optix Advanced and Cloud Optix Standard. Cloud Optix Standard is included in the following Intercept X Advanced for Server licenses: Intercept X Advanced for Server Intercept X Advanced for Serv...
  • Cloud Optix Now Available in the EU

    We’re delighted to announce that Sophos Cloud Optix is now available from our Sophos Central EU data center in Germany. New customers who choose Germany or Ireland as their hosting region for Sophos Central will now benefit from Cloud Optix in ...
  • Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Support for Sophos XDR now available

    Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR) now goes even further in the public cloud, adding Microsoft Azure (Azure) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) activity logs alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS) – helping your security teams see the bigge...
  • Expansion of Sophos Cloud Workload Protection

    This release brings an exciting expansion to Sophos Cloud Workload Protection that sees Intercept X Advanced for Server incorporate CSPM with new Cloud Optix Standard capabilities. This addition extends protection beyond server workloads running in A...
  • Cloud Optix Container Security

    The latest release for Sophos Cloud Optix features a range of exciting enhancements, including container image scanning to prevent off-the-shelf container images from public registries introducing Operating System vulnerabilities into ...
  • Cloud Optix Latest IAM Security Controls and More

    Now identify and correct over-privileged AWS IAM users, groups and roles with Cloud Optix, plus much more with the latest Sophos Cloud Optix updates. January 2021 Azure inventory enhancement: App Service Plans: The Cloud Optix inventory now pr...
  • Identify Sophos Firewalls and workload protection on AWS

    Monitor Sophos cloud security Amazon Web Services deployments is now easier than ever with the latest enhancements to Sophos Cloud Optix cloud security posture management service. Sophos Firewalls Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos UTM provide web applic...
  • Free Tool: Cloud Security Posture Management

    Cloud Optix, the Sophos Cloud Security Posture Management tool protects Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments. Continually monitoring cloud service configurations, detecting suspicious activity, insecure deploym...
  • Optimize AWS and Azure Spend with Cloud Optix

    The latest release for Cloud Optix, cost optimization now allows customers to efficiently monitor Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud costs in a single console. Providing organizations with the ability to manage security, compliance, and sp...
  • AWS On-boarding: New Quick-start Setup

    Cloud Optix Quick-start is the new, and easiest way to get started with the core CSPM features of Cloud Optix to see value in just a few clicks.

    This Quick-start setup is a partial deployment option to get you up and running with Cloud Optix quickly, without needing to run scripts or create additional resources in your AWS environment. Launching the new Quick-start CloudFormation template customers simply create a read…

  • Cloud Optix new advanced search

    Search across Cloud Optix inventory data for hosts, containers, networks, storage services, IAM roles, and serverless functions, to investigate suspicious activity and insecure deployments, like never before.
  • Cloud Optix new asset inventory and threat investigation updates

    Over the second quarter of 2020, a host of great enhancements have been added to the Cloud Optix service to enable organizations to harden their cloud security posture for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform. Check out these latest updates below – all included with your existing Cloud Optix license.


    Inventory and topology visualization updates

    • AWS Activity Logs visualization
      In the Activity Logs section of the…
  • Cloud Optix April 2020 Feature Round-up

    Over the first quarter of 2020, a host of great enhancements have been added to the Cloud Optix service to enable organizations to harden their cloud security posture for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform. Check out these latest updates below – all included with your existing Cloud Optix license.


    Container Security

    • Azure AKS support
      Support for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has now landed, adding to recent…
  • Sophos Cloud Optix Awarded CIS Benchmarks Certification for AWS, Azure, and GCP


    Sophos Cloud Optix has now been certified by CIS (Center for Internet Security) to accurately assess AWS, Azure and GCP environments based on best practices for secure configuration.

    Developed through a unique consensus-based process comprised of cybersecurity professionals and subject matter experts around the world, CIS Benchmarks are recommended as industry-accepted system hardening standards and are used by organizations…

  • Sophos Cloud Optix Release: IAM Visualization and Much More

    Today’s Cloud Optix release is packed with several new features to increase security and compliance of customer environments, including a breakthrough in IAM visualization.



    Improving security for anyone running workloads on public cloud

    Managing user roles, permissions, and role-based access to AWS services is an enormous challenge. The scale and interwoven nature of individual and group access to services means…

  • Cloud Optix December Feature Update

    The Cloud Optix product team has been hard at work delivering a host of great enhancements to the Cloud Optix service over the November-December period. Check out these latest updates below – all included with your existing Cloud Optix license.


    Cloud Optix Management Enhancements

    • Cloud Optix is now live on Sophos Central
      Integrated into Sophos Central, access to Cloud Optix is seamless, with no separate sign up…
  • Sophos Cloud Optix - Lambda Node.js 8.10 - End of life Action Required by 3rd February 2020

    Sophos Cloud Optix customers may have received an email from AWS regarding the upcoming EOL of support for Node.js 8.10 runtime for Lambda functions. The Sophos Cloud Optix service used Node.js 8.10 until December 9, 2019.

    Since Node.js versions are deprecated frequently by AWS for Lambda, we have now changed the Cloud Optix Lambda functions to use Python, instead of Node.js. The version of Python that the Cloud Optix…

  • Cloud Optix: Live on Sophos Central

    The latest release for Cloud Optix integrates the service seamlessly into Sophos Central. Allowing you to manage Cloud Optix alongside a range of complimentary public cloud solutions including Intercept X for Server and XG Firewall in a single management console.

    • Activate in seconds. Fully integrated into Sophos Central, access to Cloud Optix is seamless, with no separate sign up required and single sign on with your Central…
  • Cloud Optix Feature Updates

    We’ve been hard at work delivering a plethora of great enhancements to the Sophos Cloud Optix service over the July-September period. We’re moving fast, so make sure you keep up with the latest updates to Sophos’ latest offering for the public cloud.


    Cloud Optix management enhancements

    • Refreshed environment on-boarding instructions. The design and content of the 'Add your cloud environment' screen…
  • Cloud Optix Feature Updates – June 2019

    The latest update to Sophos Cloud Optix is packed with new features. Adding the ability to visualize Sophos UTMs on AWS networks, improving Azure security and compliance features, Google network topology visualization and AI, configurable scanning frequency and much more.


    The latest Cloud Optix feature updates

    Amazon Web Services

    • Sophos UTM integration now displays Sophos UTMs in the AWS topology visualization.
    • Refreshed…
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