• Release Notes v0.127.0

    Sophos Factory v0.127.0 Added date/time range filter to run history page and listRuns API endpoint Added status filter to run history page and listRuns API endpoint Internal upgrades
  • Release v0.126.0

    Sophos Factory v0.126.0 Added additional logging for pipeline include steps when verbosity is so to warning or higher Queued runs will now be expired when they sit in queue for the maximum time (currently 12 hours) Runner Agent v1.116.0 Removed th...
  • Release v0.125.0

    Sophos Factory v0.125.0 Improved the indicators in the pipeline builder when a pipeline include is referencing the latest revision Bug fixes and internal improvements
  • Release v0.124.0

    Sophos Factory v0.124.0 Added visual indicator to included pipelines in builder UI when pipeline revision is not set to latest Added dump_yaml filter Bug fixes and internal improvements Runner Agent v1.115.0 Added dump_yaml filter Bug fixes and in...
  • Release v0.123.0

    Sophos Factory v0.123.0 Fixed an issue where runs in Canceling state could never reach Failed status in certain edge cases, such as when the runner is deleted in the middle of cancelation. Increase the default page size on the Run History page. Mino...
  • Release v0.122.0

    Sophos Factory v0.122.0 Improved the search function on the catalogs page. Search should now match partial words. Internal upgrades Runner Agent v1.113.0 Added a `dump_xml` filter for converting an object to an XML string
  • Release v0.121.0

    Sophos Factory v0.121.0 Minor UI improvements Runner Agent v1.112.0 Added support for "while" and "until" loops in pipeline steps. See the Building Pipelines documentation page for more information.
  • Release v0.120.0

    Sophos Factory v0.120.0 Minor UI fixes Internal upgrades Runner Agent v0.111.0 Added select() and reject() filters to expressions Added nil() and empty() test functions to expressions
  • Release v0.119.0

    Sophos Factory v0.119.0 Removed Raptr mascot from login page Internal upgrades
  • Release v0.118.0

    Sophos Factory v0.118.0 Updated version lists for tool installers Added twistcli step module and tool installer.  Runner Agent v0.110.0 Added twistcli step module and tool installer. 
  • Release v0.117.0

    Sophos Factory v0.117.0 Cleaned up headers available to expressions evaluating in incoming webhook handlers Internal upgrades Runner Agent v0.109.1 Internal upgrades to build process for runner images
  • Release v0.116.0

    Sophos Factory v0.116.0 Added a feature to cancel in-progress pipeline runs. Runs can be canceled from the run page or from the API. Added tooltips to credential fields in the Create Credential dialog Internal upgrades Runner Agent v0.109.0 Added ...
  • Release Notes v0.115.0, 9/15/22

    Sophos Factory v0.115.0 Updated various links in the application to point at community site for release notes Internal upgrades
  • Release Notes v0.114.0, 8/31/22

    Sophos Factory v0.114.0 Internal upgrades Runner Agent v1.108.2 Fixed a bug where invalid JSON in the Set Variables step module would cause pipeline execution to fail abruptly. JSON parsing failures should now result in a clearer error message. Ru...
  • Release Notes v0.113.0, 8/18/22

    Internal upgrades to image uploads. The image ID format has changed to UUID.
  • Release Notes v41-v100

    The primary location for Sophos Factory release notes is moving to this Community site. For posterity, we are posting all historical release notes from v100 back. v100, 1/18/22 Added a Run button to the pipeline designer page when viewing a catalog...
  • v106 and catch up notes for v105 v104 and v103

    v106, 5/26/22 Added tooltips for step modules and step properties with additional help text Internal upgrades v105, 5/6/22 Fixed some minor text overflow issues in the application UI Internal upgrades Fixed several CVEs Runner Agent v1.107.4 Inc...
  • v102, 3/25/22

    v102, 3/25/22 Improved the color of several icons in dark theme Improved the padding in several dropdowns in the application Removed the “Payment Methods” section on the Subscription page Fixed an issue where the calendar widget for sele...
  • Sophos Factory Community Edition

    We are incredibly excited to reveal Sophos Factory's new Community Edition today! The Community Edition enables teams that have not implemented CI/CD for cybersecurity to try out Sophos Factory's DevSecOps automation platform with their teams and env...
  • Hashi Corp Partners with Sophos Factory to seamlessly deliver secrets management with HCP Vault

    HCP Vault verified integration: The HashiCorp Vault step module allows pipelines to pull secrets from an HCP Vault and make them available to pipelines as Refactr credentials. The HashiCorp Vault step module allows pipelines to pull secrets from an ...
  • Sophos Factory Launches in AWS Marketplace

    DevOps teams are automating their workflows, but most cybersecurity practitioners do not have the coding skills or systems needed to properly collaborate. CI/CD tools were made for developers, but they don't integrate easily with security solutio...
  • Azure LIsting for Sophos Factory A Radically Simple DevSecOps Automation Platform

    The IT industry is experiencing rapid digital transformation driven by public cloud adoption. Organizations are keeping pace with the speed of modern infrastructure and application delivery by replacing hardware-driven models with agile software-defi...
  • Sophos Factory (formerly Refactr) Native Fortigate and FortiAnalyzer Integrations

    Fortinet and Sophos Factory have partnered to make integrating and automating Fortinet solutions with your existing DevSecOps processes easier than ever before. By integrating FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer with Refactr’s drag-and-drop automation ...
  • Sophos Factory Release v101

    v101, 2/18/22 The getRun endpoint now requires an explicit fields query parameter to retrieve events, operations, variables, and outputs fields. Added a “Code” variable type that renders as a ...
  • Sophos Factory offers features that support all tech teams DevOps SecOps and ITOps

    Sophos Factory’s new features include:   Solution Catalogs: Organizations building pipelines to share with others can now publish selected projects as solution catalogs. Pipelines shared in solution catalogs can be reused across proj...