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  • Release v0.138.0

    Sophos Factory v0.138.0 Fix an issue that was preventing installs of new Python versions. Display more details on the run page when unhandled exceptions occur in the runner agent. Runner Agent v2.3.0 Support displaying more details on th...
  • Release v0.137.2

    Sophos Factory v0.137.2 Fix Runner Pool config and secret mounts
  • Release v0.137.1

    Sophos Factory v0.137.1 Fix leave organization workflow Restore functionality that allows assigning users to a specific project When a user without administrative permissions creates a project, they will automatically receive access Auth service now...
  • Release Notes v0.137.0

    Sophos Factory v0.137.0 Individual User Project Access has been removed   All project access to be managed using organization groups moving forward Fixed Runner Pool scaling issues where runner pools could scale beyond max clu...
  • Release Notes v0.136.0 and Runner Agent v2.2.0

    Sophos Factory v0.136.0 Minor internal improvements Runner Agent v2.2.0 The runner now reports more detailed error information when fatal errors are thrown, specifically when there are communication failures with the agent API.
  • Release Notes v0.135.1

    Fix to Runner Pools provisioning Kubernetes based runners Minor Bug fixes
  • Release Notes v0.135.0 has moved to! Updates to documentation and support links.
  • Sophos Factory v0.134.0

    Add unique filter to expression engine disable_on_failure disabled for jobs by default Bug fixes and improvements
  • Release Notes v0.133.0

    Sophos Factory v0.133.0 Added the current app version to the account settings page Fixed various issues with job variables. Job variables can now be unset from the API by providing null. Job variable values are now checked for consistency with the l...
  • Release Notes v0.132.0

    Sophos Factory v0.132.0 Runner Pool Service no longer rate-limited by AWS API in co-located environments with a plethora of other Cloudformation stacks Legacy Runners can no longer acquire runs without a feature flag enabled Self-Hosted Kubernetes R...
  • Release Notes v0.131.0 and Runner Agent v2.0.2

    Sophos Factory v0.131.0 Add Docker provider for self-hosted runners Internal updates Runner Agent v2.0.2 Internal updates
  • Release Notes v0.130.1 and Runner Agent v2.0.1

    Sophos Factory v0.130.1 Enable Kubernetes-based self-hosted runners Internal updates Runner Agent v2.0.1 Fixed a bug where the Ansible Playbook step module would not show output when the step failed Fixed a bug where step modules would potent...
  • Release Notes v0.130.0 and Runner Agent v2.0.0

    Sophos Factory v0.130.0 Runners have been migrated to auto-scaling Runner Pools. Self-hosted runners < v2.0.0 will no longer work and must be upgrade to v2.0.0 or later Read More here: Runner Agent v2.0...
  • Release Notes v0.129.0 and Runner Agent v1.118.0

    Sophos Factory v0.129.0 HTTP module now supports evaluating step success against an array of status codes Using a singular status_code is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Pipelines using the new status_codes field will not work w...
  • Release Notes v0.128.0

    Sophos Factory v0.128.0 Users can add freeform tags to pipelines and can be used for filtering returned pipelines in the API and UI. Internal upgrades and bug fixes
  • Release Runner Agent v1.117.1

    Runner Agent v1.117.1 Internal upgrades and bug fixes
  • Release Runner Agent v1.117.0

    Runner Agent v1.117.0 Increased memory available for expression evaluation to support larger data processing needs Fixed a bug that could cause runners to hang during pipeline execution until the run timeout was reached Other stability and perf...
  • Release Notes v0.127.1

    Sophos Factory v0.127.1 Internal upgrades
  • Release Notes v0.127.0

    Sophos Factory v0.127.0 Added date/time range filter to run history page and listRuns API endpoint Added status filter to run history page and listRuns API endpoint Internal upgrades Note: This release has been withdrawn.
  • Release v0.126.0

    Sophos Factory v0.126.0 Added additional logging for pipeline include steps when verbosity is so to warning or higher Queued runs will now be expired when they sit in queue for the maximum time (currently 12 hours) Runner Agent v1.116.0 Removed th...
  • Release v0.125.0

    Sophos Factory v0.125.0 Improved the indicators in the pipeline builder when a pipeline include is referencing the latest revision Bug fixes and internal improvements
  • Release v0.124.0

    Sophos Factory v0.124.0 Added visual indicator to included pipelines in builder UI when pipeline revision is not set to latest Added dump_yaml filter Bug fixes and internal improvements Runner Agent v1.115.0 Added dump_yaml filter Bug fixes and in...
  • Release v0.123.0

    Sophos Factory v0.123.0 Fixed an issue where runs in Canceling state could never reach Failed status in certain edge cases, such as when the runner is deleted in the middle of cancelation. Increase the default page size on the Run History page. Mino...
  • Release v0.122.0

    Sophos Factory v0.122.0 Improved the search function on the catalogs page. Search should now match partial words. Internal upgrades Runner Agent v1.113.0 Added a `dump_xml` filter for converting an object to an XML string
  • Release v0.121.0

    Sophos Factory v0.121.0 Minor UI improvements Runner Agent v1.112.0 Added support for "while" and "until" loops in pipeline steps. See the Building Pipelines documentation page for more information.