• Release v0.148.1

    Sophos Factory v0.148.1 Resolved issue with running/queued run expiration Run log details can be expanded by clicking anywhere on the row Migrated Runner/Pool status spinners and tooltips to new UX framework
  • Release v0.148.0

    Sophos Factory v0.148.0 Resolved issue deleting a user that belongs to an organization group Cache performance tuning Minor bug fixes resulting from Log Streaming Release (v0.147.*) Runner Agent v3.3.3 Updates to support minor bug fixes resulting ...
  • Release v0.147.2

    Sophos Factory v0.147.2 Bug fix: Run Retries block Runner Queues Bug fix: Run Cancel leaves Runs in Canceling state Bug fix: Duplicate events created for some runs Remove redundant features in certain Agent API endpoints Remove debugging messages fr...
  • Release v0.147.0

    Sophos Factory v0.147.0 Agent logs are now buffered and streamed from an agent to the Factory platform in near real time Factory UI now polls for logs while a run is executing Various UI/UX fixes to include horizontal scrolling fixes, and the abili...
  • Release v0.146.0

    Sophos Factory v0.146.0 More functionality and info added to Runs List:  Available on Run History, Pipeline View and Job View pages Pipeline Revision number is now shown in run lists. New cancel runs feature allows cancelling multiple runs at ...
  • Release v0.145.3

    Sophos Factory v0.145.3 Fixed bug with set-variables step module where variables were not displaying correctly Minor UI updates to output variables view Increase max packet size from 1mb to 10mb Runner Agent v3.2.2 Agent now properly set...
  • Release v0.145.2

    Sophos Factory v0.145.2 Increase runner instance sizes. Fixed issue with runners becoming orphaned when Runner Manager fails.
  • Release v0.145.1

    Sophos Factory v0.145.1 Improved caching performance
  • Release v0.145.0

    Sophos Factory v0.145.0 Enable drag and drop variables in the Set Variables step module designer window Browser resizing UI improvements Improved caching performance
  • Release v0.144.1

    Sophos Factory v0.144.1 Fixed issue with cancelling runs that left child steps in running state.  All child steps are now cancelled when parent run or job is cancelled. Fixed issue when expanding project variables text box not showing...
  • Release v0.144.0

    Sophos Factory v0.144.0 Deprecating the use of CIS-CAT and OpenSCAP step modules. Fixed issue where project access for users was not modified or removed. Fixed issue with incorrect queue count and running count on initial runner pool page load....
  • Release v0.143.0

    Sophos Factory v0.143.0 Add ability to manually delete individual Runners from Runner Pools Users can now be added to projects immediately without invites Fixed issue where all organization groups were being added as default groups to new projects U...
  • Release v0.142.0

    Sophos Factory v0.142.0 Run history is now maintained for 90 days Run history highlights trace logging Fixed issues with some notifications not being sent Performance upgrades, minor bug fixes and security enhancements Runner Agent v3.0.0 Perf...
  • Release v0.141.0

    Sophos Factory v0.141.0 Adds the ability to disable the use of expressions in job variables. Runner Pools now auto-restart after pools shut down after reaching certain error counts.  Update createPipelineRevision response schema in Op...
  • Release v0.140.0

    Sophos Factory v0.140.0 Allow Pipeline Tags to be removed from pipelines completely Add 'metadata' property to pipeline revisions
  • Release v0.139.4

    Sophos Factory v0.139.4 Fix case(s) where loading spinners would appear and never leave Following links to a catalog or project will now properly load if the user has the correct permissions
  • Release v0.139.3

    Sophos Factory v0.139.3 New Auth service endpoint for inviting an existing user by UUID UI auth initialization process optimized so it no longer polls the auth service when logged out When adding a user to an organization via admin-dashboard, it wil...
  • Release v0.139.2

    Sophos Factory v0.139.2 Fixed issue with broken Project and Organization image links
  • Release v0.139.1

    Sophos Factory v0.139.1 Enhancement to clear browser cache on release Fix swagger UI experience for auth api Update replicated templates for latest changes
  • Release v0.139.0

    Sophos Factory v0.139.0 Moved SaaS platform to a multi region deployment pattern.  All current SaaS Users and Organizations are located in us-west-2 cluster. All API endpoints now contain region in the URL. For example with us-west-2...
  • Release v0.138.0

    Sophos Factory v0.138.0 Fix an issue that was preventing installs of new Python versions. Display more details on the run page when unhandled exceptions occur in the runner agent. Runner Agent v2.3.0 Support displaying more details on th...
  • Release v0.137.2

    Sophos Factory v0.137.2 Fix Runner Pool config and secret mounts
  • Release v0.137.1

    Sophos Factory v0.137.1 Fix leave organization workflow Restore functionality that allows assigning users to a specific project When a user without administrative permissions creates a project, they will automatically receive access Auth service now...
  • Release Notes v0.137.0

    Sophos Factory v0.137.0 Individual User Project Access has been removed   All project access to be managed using organization groups moving forward Fixed Runner Pool scaling issues where runner pools could scale beyond max clu...
  • Release Notes v0.136.0 and Runner Agent v2.2.0

    Sophos Factory v0.136.0 Minor internal improvements Runner Agent v2.2.0 The runner now reports more detailed error information when fatal errors are thrown, specifically when there are communication failures with the agent API.