ICYMI: Sophos Community May 2024 Recap

Hello Sophos Community Members,  

We’re almost halfway through the year. Let’s dive into this quick recap featuring all the new announcements, release notes and news, Sophos Techvids Videos, and other blogs posted in May. 

Check out the latest announcements here: 

Meanwhile, several Sophos products have some new updates. Catch up in case you missed them: 

Our Techvids team is on a roll! Watch these two new releases that might be helpful for you: 

If you’re a Sophos Partner, here are some sessions and report updates that you might have missed in the MDR Community Channel: 

Now, off to the fun part! Last month, we featured Maxim Weinstein in our latest Staff Spotlight series. Check out this blog to get to know him better: Sophos Community: Staff Spotlight - Maxim Weinstein.

Lastly, did you know that the more you engage in the Sophos Community, the more points you get and the higher your chances of winning a reward? Read more about our Member Recognition and Leaderboard program here: https://community.sophos.com/w/member-recognition. 

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