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[Scheduling option for a few reports might not be available to all customers yet]

We are thrilled to announce the release of a powerful new enhancement to Sophos Email’s Reporting module: Report Scheduling! This feature allows you to not only ‘export’ filtered reports, but also schedule reports at the desired frequency and date range.


The export and scheduling options are available for the dashboard and 8 different reports.

  • Dashboard (only PDF)
  • Message History (only CSV)
  • Message Summary
  • Intelix Threat Summary
  • ToC Summary
  • At Risk Users
  • Data Control Summary
  • Post Delivery Summary
  • Quarantine Messages

Admins will have to create and save templates so reports can be generated and emailed automatically at specified intervals. This enhancement is designed to save you time and ensure that you have the critical information you need, exactly when you need it. In each of these report pages, look for the ‘Save as Custom Report’ and ‘Export’ options.


ToC Summary:

Below are the key Features of report scheduling:


  • Configure Frequency and Range: Schedule various types of reports that can be generated and emailed at predefined frequencies.
  • Configurable Recipients: Easily configure who will receive these scheduled reports.
  • Flexible Formats: Admins can choose to send the reports in either PDF or CSV format.
  • One-Time Reports: Option to generate reports on-demand, as needed.
  • Historical Reference: All generated reports are saved and available for later reference.


For more details, please refer to this help document.