Phish Threat team rolled out another batch of new phishing templates and trainings this week. We have introduced 6 new phishing templates and 3 new training videos. All these templates and videos are available to all Phish Threat customers.

The templates are simulation to real world attacks, such as phishing emails pretending to be from your IT department, or an email pretending to come from a biotech research company, etc. Testing your users’ awareness with these templates would help them stay updated with the evolving threat landscape. As always, you can access and preview these templates in Sophos Centrally using the 'New' flag we've added.

The training videos are based on attacks related to wrong number text, vishing and GenAI. These are short and engaging videos that dramatize real-life cybersecurity incidents. Each video is followed by a set of quiz questions to confirm users’ learning.


Stay safe and secure!