New Features

  • MSP Monthly Billing for Switches
  • Adaptive Threat Response

Monthly Billing for Support & Services Subscriptions

Customer Dashboard Users

Sophos Switch Support and Services subscriptions may now billed monthly for actively managed switches in MSP monthly accounts. If you are interested, please contact your partner for more information. 

If your account is enabled for Monthly billing, and you are managing switches already

  • Term license behavior is unchanged. Keys for term license may not be applied in accounts enabled for monthly billing. 
  • Switches will be included in monthly billing if
    • Your account is enabled for monthly billing
    • Switches are enabled for monthly billing on your account (Controlled by your MSP)
    • You are managing at least one switch in your Central account
  • If you purchased a term license for your switch but were unable to apply it to your account, contact your MSP partner to coordinate when it should be enabled for your account. 

MSP Partners

Sophos MSP partners can now control whether switches will be included in monthly billing, per customer account - Just like many other monthly billing products in Sophos Central. Switches (and AP6 Wireless) are now available when enabling or managing selected monthly license types, per customer account.

Monthly billing for Switches and Wireless are not enabled by default for existing accounts, and must be enabled before switches will appear on monthly billing reports.  

If enabled for a customer, switches will only appear in billing reports switches that have been active in the past month, as of the billing date. You may enable this per customer in your PDB login, under Managed Customer Usage > select customer(s) to view or change > Change licenses, then select just Switches from the list.


Adaptive Threat Response

This feature will go live on the week of May 20th. 

Central Switch Central APIs will now include an option to manage MAC or IP block lists via Sophos Central. With this release, users will be able automate protection actions during a threat investigation, and rapidly block threats uncovered in an incident investigation across multiple switches. In coming updates, expect to see more enhancements, including central UI for configuration, and showing detected and blocked devices.