ICYMI: Sophos Community December 2023 Recap

Hi Everyone, 

Happy New Year! We hope your new year is off to a great start! Before we move on completely from 2023, take a look at the things we released in December.   

Make sure to catch up on the handful of announcements that we released in December: 

Meanwhile, here are the newest release notes for some of our Sophos Products:  

Our Sophos Techvids team just released two videos last month. Share this with a friend or two that might find them helpful: 

And last month, we featured Deep Vyas – one of our Sophos Support Technical Support Engineers – in our monthly Staff Spotlight. Check out the blog here: Sophos Community: Staff Spotlight - Deep Vyas. 

We will release our annual Sophos Community Top Contributors winners in 2023! Stay tuned! 

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