Hi Sophos Comunity,

The December update for Central Switch Management is now live. This release extends Conflict Resolution to include port settings, building on the recent release of VLAN conflict detection. This will make it easier to detect and respond to changes made directly on switch port and vlan settings, directly from Central. This release further extends central management to include SNMP, LLDP, and CDP settings, bringing Central management closer to complete coverage of all local switch capabilities.

New Central Features:

Port Conflict management

  • Detect differences in port configuration between Sophos Central the local switch UI
  • Correct differences by automatically matching Central config to switch local, or matching local configuration to Central 

Extending Managed Features

  • The following features are now manageable in Sophos Central
  • SNMP Management
    • Users
    • Community
    • Grouplist
    • Notification
  • Discovery Protocols
    • LLDP 
    • CDP