Sophos DNS Protection EAP - feature update released

Today we are releasing an update to Sophos DNS Protection for customers using it under the ongoing Early Access Program.

This release introduces a few additional features that didn’t quite make it in time for the initial release, and also addresses some issues that were found in the EAP release.


Screenshot of DNS Protection report

This update introduces our reporting feature, based on the reporting framework used by Central Firewall Reporting and ZTNA.

DNS Protection reports start out with one simple report template providing detail on the domains queries seen from your Locations. You can add and remove data columns as required, and the grouping and totals in your reports will automatically update to suit the selected columns. You can also choose from a number of different chart types to illustrate the data.

Our reports also allow you to build up filters - either automatically by clicking on the data you want to focus on, or interactively by selecting fields and building filter logic yourself.

Reports is still a work in progress so you may find some data is not yet available. In a later update, we’ll also add the ability to save report templates and run scheduled report jobs.

Completing the dashboard

 Screenshot of DNS Protection dashboard

In our initial release, the Dashboard only showed a handful of high-level metrics about the DNS traffic generated under your account. With this update, we’re adding a two additional informational panels:

  • A timeline chart that shows the volume of queries handled over the past 3 hours or 24 hours
  • A table showing the number of queries together with the top domains in each of three groupings:
    • Allowed queries
    • Queries blocked for security reasons
    • Queries blocked by your policy

Fixed issues

The following items from our known issue list have been addressed by this release:

  • NSWAAS-2591 - When selecting locations for a policy, the search feature is currently case-sensitive
  • NSWAAS-2562 - When deleting multiple domain lists with long names, the confirmation pop-up doesn't display correctly
  • NSWAAS-2416 - On the policy page, sorting by location does not work
  • NSWAAS-2389 - Leading or trailing whitespace characters are not removed from Domain List or Policy names
  • NSWAAS-2321 - The delete button on the Policy page should appear disabled when no policies are selected
  • NSWAAS-2246 - For a new policy, under 'Filtering by web category' the default policy name isn't displayed in the drop-down until you click on the control
  • SP-5537 - Block page link to "suggest a different category" goes to the general support page