Season's Greetings!

We're thrilled to share exciting news about our latest updates. This month, we're introducing 20 new phishing templates to our library, many of which are inspired by holiday themes. Crafted to emulate real-world attacks and phishing campaigns, these templates empower users to stay vigilant and informed amidst the evolving threat landscape this holiday season. You can conveniently access and preview these templates in Sophos Centrally using the 'New' flag we've added. Feel free to choose any template and customize it according to your specific needs.

In addition to the templates, we've recently incorporated 3 new training courses. These short, engaging animated videos adopt a Hollywood-style format to dramatize real-life cybersecurity incidents. Following each course, a quiz ensures that your users grasp how to effectively navigate complex cybersecurity threats.

We are confident that these new templates and training videos will elevate the impact of your phishing simulations, contributing to enhanced education and protection for your employees.

Wishing you a safe and secure holiday season!