Advisory: Sophos Endpoint - "Your connection isn't private." We're aware of a certificate issue and are actively working to resolve it. Please see: KB-000045954 for the latest updates.

NDR EAP  to close in January

With the release of NDR for XDR customers to purchase as a product in November, we are in the process of finalizing the remaining work we we planned for this year. 

NDR EAP to close in January

We will be closing the availability of NDR as part of the XDR Features EAP in Mid January.  Customers at that time should have either transitioned to a production license of NDR or shutdown the NDR Sensors. 

What changes in central when the EAP Closes? 

  • If you have a production license then no actions are required, the NDR Sensors and data will continue to be available
  • If you do not have a production license for NDR then the central display data for NDR will no longer be available. Data in the data lake will remain accusable via queries until it ages out after 90 days. 

NDR Dashboard Beta

We will be adding a series of NDR Dashboards to facilitate administrators exploring the network data collected and detection details. These will show up in central for any account with an NDR License and as part of the EAP while it remains open.  The Dashboards are still under development and will be identified as BETA versions in the Central Console. 

NDR Devices

This dashboard widget will allow the admin to see a count of the number of devices that have been observed by NDR and correlate the devices MAC address with other sensor data to determine if the device is managed or unmanaged. Admins will be able to set a time range, IP Address, MAC Address and Hostname filter.

Additional filters for Network Traffic, Detections and Detection Geo location will also be made available.   In Q1 additional dashboard filters will also be added.

In Late December or early January we will begin releasing the dashboards to production as beta versions.