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Sophos Central Mobile Alert: Android Enterprise connection error...

Hi Sophos-Experts!

We sporadic get an central alert like this:

Android Enterprise connection error (Unauthorized access. Make sure all required APIs are enabled.)

I can't find any documentation on this error, can someone please explain whats the matter?

Thank you in advance!

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  • Good Morning!

    Last night the error occured again, here is the screenshot:

    I think I triggered the error by myself by enabling the work profile on my android mobile exact at this time (I normally disable the work profile on weekend). After enabling, the Sophos Mobile Control app told me my phone is not compliant and I have to download Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (because we anforce this app to be used by Central Mobile policy). The managed play store opened the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile page. Because I allready have installed the app I could only open it, not install. After that my mobile phone was compliant...