ICYMI: Sophos Community June 2024 Recap

Dear Sophos Community Members,  

We're excited to celebrate with you as the first half of 2024 ends. In this monthly recap, we cover the most awaited announcements, release notes, newly published Sophos Techvids videos, and other blog posts from June. 

Here are some important announcements you might have missed: 

Meanwhile, you can check below the latest Release Notes and News of our Sophos products: 

Meanwhile, our Sophos Techvids team worked double time to produce these helpful videos:  

Are you part of the MDR Community Channel? Make sure to catch up on these sessions: 

Now, off to the fun part! Last month, we featured Hubert Bello in our latest Staff Spotlight series. Check out this blog to get to know him better: Sophos Community: Staff Spotlight - Hubert Bello 

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