We are excited to announce the launch of the Autotask Ticketing Integration

The new integration has been released to general availability and can be configured based on the instructions here .

MSP’s that configure the ticketing integration benefit from multiple advantages compared to email alerts, and even compared to emails converted to tickets using a PSA email connector:

  • A new deep link has been added in Autotask tickets pointing to the Sophos device details page. The new device details URL should save MSP technicians 20 seconds per ticket, which are typically spent manually searching for the customer and the device.
  • Alert acknowledgement can be initiated from either Central Admin or the Autotask ticket, and it would automatically sync to the other side.
  • The affected customer, alert severity and ticket category category are automatically assigned in the Autotask PSA ticket.
  • Sync errors encountered are reported in the PSA Integration page in Central Partner Dashboard.

Transitioning from email alerts to PSA Ticketing integration saves time for multiple workflows –

  • No need to track emails nor log in to Central to review and acknowledge alerts.
  • When working in Central, there is no need for an additional manual ticket closure in the PSA - Acknowledging alerts in Central auto-closes the associated ticket in the PSA.
  • When working in the PSA, there is no need for an additional manual alert acknowledgement in Sophos Central - Closing the ticket/marking as complete in the PSA auto-acknowledges the associated alert in Central.
  • No need to manually assign a priority, an affected customer, or a ticket category in the PSA ticket – the integration automatically assigns these values in the PSA.