Sophos Factory v0.147.2

  • Bug fix: Run Retries block Runner Queues
  • Bug fix: Run Cancel leaves Runs in Canceling state
  • Bug fix: Duplicate events created for some runs
  • Remove redundant features in certain Agent API endpoints
  • Remove debugging messages from browser console
  • Clean up event formatting in Run history UI
  • Increase height of Run Operations list

Runner Agent v3.3.2

  • Bug fix: Run Retry creates invalid Runs blocking Runner queue
  • Bug fix: Run Retry creates duplicate retry attempts
  • Bug fix: HTTP step module not reporting request.body
  • Feature: Add events for child pipeline steps
  • Feature: Add events for looping steps (i.e., steps usingeach, while, or until)
  • Feature: Add to Run-level shell failure events to check Step-level events