Central Switch - June Update

I'm pleased to announce that the June update for Central Switch management is now available in Sophos Central. 

New Features

  • MAC Filtering - MAC address filtering may now be managed per switch and per site from Sophos Central 

Issues Resolved

  • NSW-5967 - Resolved an issue where re-enabling switch backups may fail if previously disabled. 

  • NSW-5945 - Resolved issue that may prevent a full sync failure when switches are moved to a different Site while in registering state

  • NSW-5574 - Resolved issue causing switch task queue to falsely report failure when deleting a Site QoS policy

  • NSW-5558 - Resolved error caused when modifying or deleting an ACL from switch levem that was created at site level

  • NSW-5457 - Resolved issue with wrong selected static ports in MLD snooping if LAG member ports are selected