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[BUG] XG v16/17 PPPOE doesn't endlessly tries to reconnect

Hi All,

i have a weird issue concerning clients with xDSL lignes, with a modem bridged and connected to wan port of the XG.

There are more and complains about internet failures (different clients, different DSL providers, different modems), and in most of the cases the pppoe Wan port status is "Disconnected".

Just by clikcing on "connect" connection goes up immediatly !

Is there a way to force the XG to retry enlessly to reconnect ?! (which should be a basic thing !!!!)

Thanks !

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  • Has there been any progress with this? We have some customers that still use PPPoE connections and one customer in particular has had this happen 3 or 4 times this week.

    Before this I thought that the problem was having when there was a long outage on the ISP connection, like maybe XG will try for 1 hour and then give up. Now i'm not so sure this is related. There appear to be some big time jumps in the logs too.

    This customer has some punctuation characters in the credentials used for the PPPoE connection ("*" and "?"), and is running HA. I can't see any other things different from customers where this problem doesn't happen.