• Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) Upgrade

    Hi XG Community,

    We recently upgraded Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM). This update contains features and bug fixes.

    Compatible SFOS versions

    This upgrade supports firewalls running on the following Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) versions:

    • SFOS v16.05 - RC-1, GA, MR-1, MR-2, MR-3, MR-4, MR-5, MR-6, MR-7
    • SFOS v16 – MR-1, MR-2, MR-3
    • SFOS v15 - GA, MR-1.1, MR-2, MR-3


    Compatibility Matrix


    What's new in this re…

  • SFOS 16.05.7 MR7 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished SFOS v16.05.7 MR7. This release is available from within your device for all SFOS v16.05 installations as of now and will increase the group in a few days.

    The release is available to all SFOS version via MySophos portal.

    Issues Resolved
    • NC-19720 [API] SQL Injection: Application filter add type
    • NC-19721 [API] SQL Injection: Proxy port config
    • NC-19775 [API] SQL Injection: User add/…
  • Sophos Firewall Manager - SFM v16.05 MR-1 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We’ve released a maintenance release for Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM). This update contains enhancements and fixes for some open issues.


    Device reboots after upgrade.

    Applicable SFM versions

    Following versions can upgrade to this SFM release:

    • SFM v16.05
    • SFM v16.01 RC-1
    • SFM 15.01.0 - GA release, MR-1, MR-2, MR-3, MR-4

    Compatible Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) versions

    SFM Release v16.05 MR-1…