• RED Firmware 2.0.017 Pattern Update

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished RED Firmware 2.0.017. This firmware is available via pattern update.

    Issues Resolved


    • NC-33803 [RED_Firmware] Support for CDC and RNDIS ethernet over USB
    • NC-38523 [RED_Firmware] No WAN connection found when having multiple WAN links
    • NC-39321 [RED_Firmware] REDs are displayed as "offline" even though the tunnel is working
    • NC-39822 [RED_Firmware] Racecondition between connection…
  • Sophos Firewall Manager - SFM 17.1.0 GA Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished SFM v17.1.0 GA. This release is available from within your device for all SFM installations as of now.

    Beside that, the release is available via MySophos portal.

    What's New Key Features
    • Shadow IT management across firewalls
    • Improved alerting contents
    • Comprehensive management of all features available in Sophos XG Firewall v17.1

    • Added additional Settings to Authentication…
  • Wireless Firmware 11.0.006 Pattern Update

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished Wireless Firmware 11.0.006. This firmware is available via pattern update.

    • Support for new APX 320, 530 and 740 models
    Issues Resolved
    • NC-35685 [Wireless] Unauthenticated EAPOL-Key decryption in wpa_supplicant (CVE-2018-14526)
  • SFOS 17.5 MR3 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished SFOS v17.5.3 MR3. This release is available in stages. In first stage it will be available at MySophos. We then start with a small amount of slots and will increase those over time. Later it will be available to all other installations as well.

    Please see the following link for further information regarding upgrade - KBA 123285 Sophos Firewall: How to upgrade the firmware.

    What's New…
  • Sophos Connect EAP 1.2 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We're pleased to announce the release of Sophos Connect EAP 1.2.
    The VPN Client is now available from within the WebAdmin of your XG Firewall (see KBA 133109).

    A feature is not working as expected? You have found a bug?

    Sophos Connect EAP is now officially supported starting with this version. Please contact Sophos Support if you experience any issues.

    We have also created this new community group…