• SFOS 17.0.8 MR8 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished SFOS v17.0.8 MR8. This release is available in stages. In first stage it will be available at MySophos. We then start with a small amount of slots for v17.0 and will increase those over time. Later it will be available to v16.05 installations as well.

    Update: SFOS v17.0.8 MR8 is now available to all SFOS installations. It's also available via SFM/CFM.

    • On v16 to v17 update…
  • SFOS 17.0.7 MR7 Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished SFOS v17.0.7 MR7. This release is NOT available from within your device as it contains only minor IPS engine optimizations. All changes are included in SF 17.0 MR8 as well.

  • Advance notice of changes to XG application signatures

    Hi XG community,

    We are giving customers advance notice of upcoming changes to Application signatures in XG Firewall.

    These changes will take effect in the week beginning May 21, 2018. They will affect all versions of XG Firewall currently in use.


    Application name changes

    Several of our application signatures have names that are no longer appropriate for the applications they detect or that are inconsistent with our…

  • Sophos Central Firewall Manager - CFM 17.0.0 GA Released

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished CFM v17.0.0 GA. 

    What's New Synchronised Application Control

    CFM now has a Synchronized Application Control global summary page showing Apps detected by each Firewalls.

    Firewall Rule improvements

    The Firewall Rule creation supports the Service widget in Business Rules. The Firewall Rules view page is in sync with new slim look with rule details shown up upon mouse hover.

    IKEv2 for…