• Partner News: Free Migration Services for Sophos Firewall (SFOS)

    We help you migrate your customers’ SG UTM, Cyberoam, or SonicWall appliances to the latest XG Firewall.
  • XG Firewall v18 GA-Build354 is now available!

    XG Firewall v18 GA-Build354 is now available!


    XG Firewall v18 GA-Build354 Enhancements:
    • Sophos Connect (IPSec VPN) lease now supports more than 255 IP addresses in address range (NC-57067)
    • Fixed: Issues related to upgrade from v17.5 MRx to v18.0 GA (NC-57910)
    • Fixed: kernel panic issue related to SSLVPN tunnels (NC-56732)
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    Please refer XG Firewall v18 highlights for more details on all-new Xstream…

  • RED Firmware 2.0.019 Pattern Update

    Hi XG Community!

    We've finished RED Firmware 2.0.019. This firmware is available via pattern update.

    Issues Resolved
    • NC-56950 [RED_Firmware] RED50 firmware update might fail if flash has bad blocks
  • XG Firewall v18 GA-Build339 is now available!

    XG Firewall v18 GA-Build339 is now available!


    XG Firewall v18 GA-Build339 Enhancements:

    This version adds v17.5 MR10 to v18.0 GA-Build339 upgrade and config migration support.

    This version introduces the ability to disable SSL/TLS inspection rules, with a new toggle switch on Rules and Policies > SSL/TLS inspection rules. This is set to ‘Off’ by default for customers upgrading from SFOS version 17.5, to avoid potential…