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DEP: manual registering devices with Apple Configurator 2 iOS 13


in former times we registered iOS-Devices with Apple Configurator 2 via USB and successfully deployed these devices. Starting iOS 13 we have problems finish the Apple Configurator "preparation" process.

We get Invalid Profile [MCProfileErrorDomain - 0x3E8 (1000)] Error - due to this error we can see the device within the Sophos Console (after we moved the device within Apple business Manager to the correct virtual MDM-Server (SMC 9.5.2 in our case).

On device side we get a remote configuration popup - but we can not procees: invalif configuration profile.

So guys: who is able to add iOS 13 devices with Apple Configurator 2 these days?

Thank you for your feedback.

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  • Hi,


    I can not understand this procedure: every developer with DEP Account and SMC and a device can set up this environment to trace the logs and find out whats going wrong - I have 2 environements and both do not work any more (iOS 12 worked until the day of the iOS 12 Release)

    Invest your time and trace the logs with IPCU and Wireshark (if required) - on serverside you can also use a reverse-proxy to get all data.