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DEP: manual registering devices with Apple Configurator 2 iOS 13


in former times we registered iOS-Devices with Apple Configurator 2 via USB and successfully deployed these devices. Starting iOS 13 we have problems finish the Apple Configurator "preparation" process.

We get Invalid Profile [MCProfileErrorDomain - 0x3E8 (1000)] Error - due to this error we can see the device within the Sophos Console (after we moved the device within Apple business Manager to the correct virtual MDM-Server (SMC 9.5.2 in our case).

On device side we get a remote configuration popup - but we can not procees: invalif configuration profile.

So guys: who is able to add iOS 13 devices with Apple Configurator 2 these days?

Thank you for your feedback.

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  • Hi to everybody,


    right now it works - we got the error message within the IPCU and ignored this.

    You have to reassign the DEP Profile in the Device/DEP-area and then reset the device.

    Thank you support-Team!