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Support not available, cannot login, all cases closed during holidays, chat interrupted

Hey Sophos,

what is it all about with your (payed) support?

1. today I cannot login to my support portal. This seems to be a known issue in your back end. You ask affected customers to waste time and personally reach out to support staff via phone (this must be a joke) or chat.

Now, I wondered how it is possible that even chat has a looong waiting queue. Every vendor I used to know could react within seconds to chats requests.

Why not fixing the issue (as it is a known issue) by your self without wasting our time? Btw. I use a different account for support whan for forums communication.

2. All or almost (cannot check because of point 1) all of my cases have been closed over the holidays. I have out of office reply active. This must be an other bad joke.

3. Chat to fix point 1 got interrupted today.

After starting in queue 9 after more than 15 minutes I was on queue 5 then the chat window showed: that no chat agent is available (anymore).

Again, wasted time and exhausted trust in so called Sophos technical support. The year is just beginning as 2020 ended.


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  • Hello,

    after a second chat session of about one hour, where the support tech tried to fix the issue without success, I received a "welcome to sophos support" mail later in the evening. Today I can login to support portal again. All in all this is a bad experience!

    I've escalated the closure and reopening of my cases via our account manager. looks like Sophos will not reopen cases only create new cases. Sure, looks better than all the one and two month old, idle cases in your ticket systems.