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Support not available, cannot login, all cases closed during holidays, chat interrupted

Hey Sophos,

what is it all about with your (payed) support?

1. today I cannot login to my support portal. This seems to be a known issue in your back end. You ask affected customers to waste time and personally reach out to support staff via phone (this must be a joke) or chat.

Now, I wondered how it is possible that even chat has a looong waiting queue. Every vendor I used to know could react within seconds to chats requests.

Why not fixing the issue (as it is a known issue) by your self without wasting our time? Btw. I use a different account for support whan for forums communication.

2. All or almost (cannot check because of point 1) all of my cases have been closed over the holidays. I have out of office reply active. This must be an other bad joke.

3. Chat to fix point 1 got interrupted today.

After starting in queue 9 after more than 15 minutes I was on queue 5 then the chat window showed: that no chat agent is available (anymore).

Again, wasted time and exhausted trust in so called Sophos technical support. The year is just beginning as 2020 ended.