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New Portal is useless, same situation like the old system

I think the new portal doesn´t do a better job than the old one.

  • Tickets are still open and no one seems to work on tickets.
  • Tickets are not read by sophos and still the same questions are asked for tickets.
  • Attachments are not seen by sophos.

So nothing changed

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  • Hi ,

    We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. Would it be possible to share your support case numbers with me via PM so that I can help follow up?


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  • Hi FloSupport,

    the new system is no improvement at all.

    Tickets are still not read by the support staff. Often they ask the same question every time. They don´t read the information or understand that information. So they ask everytime.

    Even if i add the Access ID and Time Frame they are asking for the access ID.

    Even if i give them a written permit to fix the problem, the always answer the mails.
    But most of the time, tickets are delay for weeks or month. 

    The UI is not in a responsive design, all information are to small.
    You can´t the related email information, columns are to small.

    It´s the same unresponsive design as in Sophos XG 16,17,18 ...

  • Hi Florentino,

    thanks for your responds.

    If i use the search within this forum i can select several options (screenshot)

    And if i browse through the results, these are not filtered for the year 2020.

    like the first result, this is 4 years old.

    I think the filter option is usesless and doesn´t work as designed.