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Communication flow in the web interface

with the new support portal i would like to handle the communication with the support again via the portal. i appreciate to have the information about the ticket directly in view.

in the "Related" tab I found the emails about the history.

in the "show all updates" block only status changes are recorded. here the emails are missing.

What is much more tragic, how can I leave an answer in the support portal? The only thing I can find is the comment box at the side of the page, which I can then like

best regards


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  • Agreed, Max - the use of the portal is intuitive only for those that created it.  They need to have it better documented on-screen instead of forcing everyone to spend a half-hour searching and watching videos recorded in a British accent that made 30% of the presentation not understandable.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Hi Max,

    You can indeed use the Post "box" on the right hand-side of the case page, you can find details of all the functionality available on Sophos Customers: Case Creation or Sophos Partners: Case Creation. Our engineers can reply to your posts or start a new thread - you will get in-app and email notifications for these posts. 

    Regards, Secil 

  • I like the “new” Portal (I couldn’t seem to get SophServ to work properly or show the right products) and the more interactive comment feature.

    I was able to chat back and forth in real time on a case!

    There’s certainly improvements to be made, but as a starting point, this looks so much better to me!