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Sophos Blocking Allowed Category

Good morning Sophos Community,

We have weapons as an allowed category in our Sophos Firewall but today - a user tried to go to a site, and it was blocked as weapons. I dug through the Firewall and can't figure out what is configured incorrectly. 

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  • So the problem isn't just that the block page is straight up delivering misinformation, but the firewall is blocking a country that isn't even on your geo blocklisted countries?

    May we see a screenshot of the firewall  rule if you will? I'm curious to see what firewall rule ID #3 looks like.

  • Weapons by default is an allowed category, it is not part of any policies. When added to my policies, weapons is blocked. Removed and access is allowed. Then I blocked Bulgaria and the block message is Weapons has been blocked, strange result.


    XG115W - v20 GA - Home

    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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  • So that settles it then: the website is based in Bulgaria, so it would be blocked if Bulgaria was blocked. I'm still curious about Hey Help Guy's firewall rule ID #3.

  • Hey Alan, so yes after getting everyone's assistance the collective agreement is that the site is blocked because it's in a geoblocked country but since the Firewall can't report that to end users, it simply says it's a blocked category. 

    As for my rules, here is a look at all of my current rules: 

    So if we drill down into rule #3 more it's a geoblocking rule. Pretty much all countries are on our blocked list. 

    Thanks again for your assistance on tackling this issue. I do have a few more other issues but that'll be for other posts. Have a good weekend.