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Sophos Connect on Windows Server


I tried to install Sophos connect to a windows server 2016 to run server as a client. I installed it, I Imported the config file but when I Try to connect it says OpenVPN service is not available. I looked for the services but everything is running. My suspicious is windows server cannot run as a client. Any ideas?? Thanks you!

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  • 2022-07-14 12:21:37PM [4644] inf Starting Sophos Sophos Connect version
    2022-07-14 12:21:37PM [4644] dbg Initializing protected storage
    2022-07-14 12:21:37PM [4644] inf Logged on user is VMI258713\Administrator
    2022-07-14 12:21:37PM [4644] dbg Starting the auto-importer
    2022-07-14 12:21:37PM [4644] inf Initializing strongSwan
    2022-07-14 12:21:40PM [4644] dbg strongSwan version 5.9.5 has been started
    2022-07-14 12:21:40PM [4644] inf Initializing open vpn service
    2022-07-14 12:21:40PM [4644] dbg Starting the communications module
    2022-07-14 12:21:40PM [4644] dbg Starting HTTP server on
    2022-07-14 12:21:40PM [4644] inf Sophos Connect started
    2022-07-14 12:21:45PM [8144] dbg Sending telemetry data to
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg VPN state changed to connecting
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg Starting tunnel (connecting)
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg Can't create tunnel - failed to start ovpn
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg State is connecting, setting to disconnected
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg VPN state changed to disconnected
    2022-07-14 12:21:52PM [4272] dbg Sending notification: OpenVPN service is not available