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xfrm interface not shown after creating route based VPN

Hi All,

I am having an issue with one of our customers setup. In all their infrastructure we have created route based VPNs. On all the appliances, things run perfectly fine. 

On one firewall cluster though, the VTI (XFRM) interface is not shown in the network interface table after creating the route based VPN. In CLI i see the interface is created, it is just not shown in the GUI. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Deleting, recreating the tunnel, rebooting all didn't solve the issue. We're running v18mr2 on a cluster of 115's.

Unfortunately Sophos Support has been a joke in this case. I was simply sent a link to the video on how to create a route based VPN and was told to "contact my partner" if it still doesn't work. We have been a fully certified Sophos partner for many years and have performed many implementations.

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