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Web Interface Login Failed 17.03


I followed the installation etc, provided a password etc. I couldnt login with the password i have chosen during the setup.


In the Main Menu of the console i picked 2 System, and then 1 - Set Password.

I the provide, on the web, user: admin

And password as password that i configured during the initial setup wizard and then re-entered it from the console.

Then i rebooted the thing.

In the end, i cant log in.


What am I doing wrong?

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  • I have the EXACT same issue - setup a nice password (no special characters or spaces) and suddenly I cannot login to the local admin interface. 


    This is the 2nd XG this has happened to me on - so I'm confident it is NOT me. What is going wrong here? I'm clearly not the only one right? 


  • I am working with lastpass for decades and never had such an issue before. 

    Maybe this is a minor "layer 8 issue"? Not sure... 

    Can you reproduce this issue with a password? 

    Its all about "Is it reproducible?". 


  • That wasn't my screen shot above, I KNOW the password. It's not stuck in a password manager. 

    I feel like it has something to do with when I associate the XG to a client account, that is does something to the locally set password. Hey I'll admit, I'm new, but I really don't get it. I set the password, now it doesn't work. 

    I keep thinking I'm missing something. 

  • I was pointing to the fact that i never saw this issue right now, because i work with a password storing tool which infact always enter the proper password. 

    So i am not sure, how this can happen. 

    What do you mean with associate the XG to a client account? 

    You setup the XG properly and register it to the customer?