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MIUI battery saver of Xiaomi keeps on turning off Sophos Security Guard


Hi everyone,


I have been having issues with a Xiaomi Redmi7 running MIUI based on Android 9. I have Sophos Security Guard installed because I use the App Protection feature. However, the MIUI battery saver keeps on turning it off as part of its battery optimization. I have tried turning off battery optimization at the app settings, but MIUI battery saver just keeps switching back to the On state by itself for some reason (this is particularly noticeable right after rebooting the phone).


One thing I have noticed though is that if an app is set as a device administrator and I turn off the battery saver setting for that app, it stays off permanently. I have Sophos Mobile Security set as a device administrator and the MIUI battery saver leaves it alone. Unfortunately, there is no option to set Sophos Security Guard as a device administrator, so I can't do the same to stop battery optimization from interfering with App Protection.


Does anyone here use a Xiaomi of the same model, or at least running the same MIUI? Please help if you know a workaround on this issue. Or if Sophos could update the Security Guard app to allow setting it as a device administrator, that would greatly help Xiaomi users like me.


PS: I check my online accounts (like this one) at least once a week. Please feel free to drop a message if you have a solution or if you need more information from me. I'll respond as soon as I see your message.


Thanks in advance.

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