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Problem with Chrome Browser (GDATA IS) in Sandboxie

I have a problem with Sandboxie and the Chrome browser for 1 month.

The browser no longer opens inside the sandbox. I can start it and it can also be seen in Sandboxie Control but it just does not open.

After a short time he disappears again from the Sandboxie Control.

I think that it has to do with an update from Microsoft.

It does not matter if it's Win7 or Win10, it does not matter if it's the current or beta version of Sandboxie. The Chrome browser is 76.0.3809.132.

I have already reinstalled the browser and Sandboxie and reset the OS to an earlier version.

Unfortunately without success. With this problem, I do not seem to be alone, since there is already an entry in the forum.

When can I use the sandbox again without restriction?

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