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KB Article 125446 deleted? [Sophos XG Firewall: How to configure an L2TP VPN remote access]

I was reading this article a few weeks ago and bookmarked it for when I was going to implement.

Went back to reference it recently and it redirects to article missing/deleted

I managed to use google cache to read it but this no longer works either.


Lots of articles still reference this so why has it been removed?

Can you please restore it?

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  • Great, thanks so much for looking into this, and fixing it up.

    Might I suggest that any archived articles are still made available with a disclaimer that the info might now be considered old / out of date rather than completely deleting them?

    Also, why remove the article just because its been "upgraded" to official documentation? Isn't the knowledge base official where as the forum unofficial?


    Thanks again for finding it!