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Nao existe material de estudo!

Bom dia a todos. 

Sou do Brasil. É lamentável como não existe material de estudo sobre o Sophos na web!  Diferente de outras marcas que tem vários vídeos (em vários idiomas), não consigo achar quase nada sobre as configurações dessa marca!

Hoje tenho um XG125, com várias licenças vencendo, e não sei o que fazer, como renovar ! Essas "caixas" da Sophos são descartáveis?

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  • Hello Rogerio,

    I searched your email address for the registered users for your company, but I couldn't find your name; I would recommend you talk to your colleagues for them to add you to the registered users.

    In any case, you can reach out to Support via Chat or the Support Portal (you might need to ask one of your registered colleagues to do this for you while you are added to the list of authorized users for your company).

    To extend the license, you can reach out to your Sophos Partner and or Account Manager so they can assist you with that ( I have emailed the account manager of your company for assistance); they can also put you on track to get you on hands training.

    When the license expires, the modules can't be configured anymore, and the reporting will restart to the default of 7 days.


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  • Thanks Emmanuel
    Unfortunately, the Sophos dealership that served us closed. I have been trying to contact other "TOP PARTNERS", but without success!
    Nobody seems to be willing to sell Sophos! Even the same companies that sell Sophos also sell other brands, so there is no Sophos Exclusive resale.
    None of them answered me satisfactorily and did not even know how to renew the licenses!
    Maybe for people who are in other places the resale policies work, but not here!
    Today I have three sophos "boxes" and no support!
    In time, the number for the service of Brazil 2120187392 does not answer!
    It really sucks having to solve a simple problem and not being able to!