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Remove site from Sophos blacklist


Our website is listed in the sophos blacklist as "spam"

Could you please delist it? You are incorrectly flagging our website as "spam", we are a legit registred business audited by 2 top companies in blockchain Certik and Hacken that activate in the Web3 field.

The situation is impacting our business, please rectify the situation asap.

Thank you!


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  • Hello!

    Thanks for getting back on us.

    We do not want to submit a sample, we are a company and we got our website flagged as spam by your Sophos Firewall.

    We want to get unflagged because we are a legitimate bussiness, and we can prove that we are not spamming anyone.

    We probably got added by mistake into your database.

    We do not have a Sophos ID, and we are not Sophos customers, we just have the website blocked into your sofware and we wish to resolve this issue.

    Thank you