Extreme problems with raising an RMA for next business day replacement

Hi All,

The one line summary from my experience so far is that the

"RMA team in 15 hours since the RMA was raised are not sending any emails at all - to a) confirm RMA exists, b) is accepted, c) shipment and tracking details.

and this leaves me and my client in the dark with no idea if and when the unit will be replaced.  Also the RMA team seem completely impossible to contact. 

In detail my problem is:    

I raised an RMA request through GTS with next business day replacement at 10:15 but got no confirmation email by 00:15 (right now) from the RMA team. I phoned customer services to confirm the RMA was open.  It was.  Found out the RMA number from them.   Tried emailing rma@sophos.com as advised by support.  Nothing.  Support say "wait for RMA to contact you".   Customer services say the same.  I am still waiting. 

My questions to the community are: 


  • Are you having similar problems with RMA?  
  • What would you suggest?  
  • Anyone have a direct number for RMA team uk?
  • Can you confirm that rma@sophos.com is the right email, and the subject line format is "[#<RMA number>] xxxx"? 

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this. 

All the best,