E-Mails from new Sophos ticket system not reaching our systems ever since the cutover

Hello all,

I'm now reaching out to the forums as the case support seems rather superficial here.

Ever since the cutover to the new ticket system we do not receive any emails anymore. I asked for a bit of information about the sender and the sending email servers and so on, and after a brief analysis period Sophos support asked me to check the spam box [sic] and told me the sender is support@sophos.com [sic] (is it the Envelope-From or only the From?)

Does anybody else have issues before? All I can see is huge amounts of qmgr traffic from and to addresses like 01020174b104ac7b-88e6a42b-ea56-4dcc-a88a-b55eda754d1a-000000@feedback-smtp-0001.central.sophos.com, and hosts like mail.delivery-37-eu-central-1.prod.hydra.sophos.com. With all the e-mail any appliance generates (sic), it's hard to distinguish right off the bat.

  1. Where do Sophos support case e-mails come from? Is the address above completely used, what are the sending servers?
  2. Does anybody know how to reach somebody at Sophos who can check _outgoing_ e-mails?
  3. Do Sophos themselves have issues, since forum entry 122707 even ended up in Sophos appliances blocking Sophos support e-mails (maybe, and I'm just assuming, due to unclean migration to Salesforce in terms of DNS etc)?

The only indication I have seen so far, and it is a wild guess because I know of the term "Salesforce", is this:

Sep 21 21:36:20 postfix-inbound/smtpd[15571]: disconnect from smtp07-fra-sp1.mta.salesforce.com[] ehlo=1 starttls=0/1 commands=1/2
Sep 21 22:42:22 postfix-inbound/smtpd[29362]: SSL_accept error from smtp07-ph2-sp3.mta.salesforce.com[]: Connection reset by peer

....but I can't even tell whether this is Sophos or something else, since Salesforce has been taking over a *lot* in terms of consulting web-services and e-mail.