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Big complaints about the new support portal

After years of waiting, this new portal is worse than Sophserv. About the only thing better is being able to upload a file within a case. But I've had the following issues which are frustrating:

1. I can't see anything the tech wrote in a case other than simple status updates. What they wrote in the case emails do not show up in the portal. Worse yet, what I wrote back in the emails do not show up either, which leads to problem No.2

2. Sophos seems to have issues receiving most of my emails for the cases migrated to the new portal and new cases I created since then. I had a rather important case migrated and was waiting for further instructions after I reported my test results. But I kept getting emails asking for the same update and I kept replying back with the update. At that time, I could not find a place to insert my update on the portal. So this went on for a week or two then Sophos closed my case. I have another like this which I am afraid will be closed out soon. I already checked my email server and it showed that all my emails to sophos suport were sent out without issues. So the email problem should be on the Sophos side.

3. I cannot re-open a case in the portal. It only lists open cases. I do not want the trouble to recreate a case from scratch each time I need to re-open a case.

You may ask, "why don't you call them?" Well, past experiences with Sophos phone support have not been that great. Primarily, the wait is so long if it's not a critical case. So calling support is often my last resort. I guess I've come to that point now.


Thanks to whoever is willing to listen.


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  • Hi Daniel,

    Thank you again for providing the details of your cases! As mentioned, your migrated case was closed as a result of oversight from our engineer which I have raised with management. I see that your current case is progressed and the same engineer will work with you on the issue of the closed case.

    Regards, Secil 

    Secil Yanik
    Senior Business Analyst, Support & Services

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  • Secil,

    Thanks very much for rectifying this for me. The support engineer has contacted me. I have replied and am still waiting for him to give me a time for a remote session. What frustrates me is it takes at least 24 hours (2-3 days most of the time) to hear back from Sophos (not just this particular engineer). So if either side happens to be away for a day or two or have some issues with emails, the whole thing just drags on and on, as were some of my previous cases. The thing is, I don't want to call support since it's not a critical issue. But this email communication is so slow to a point that I think I should probably starting calling and spend the time waiting online.



    We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We are actively working on initiatives to improve the overall Support experience and appreciate your patience.

    I can see that the engineer assigned to your case has already reached out to share the time range for your remote session tomorrow. Please keep me updated and don't hesitate to reach out via PM should you have any questions or concerns about this case or any future support issues, i'd be happy to help follow up.


    Global Community Manager, Support & Services

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  • I can copy complaints 1 and 3 of Daniel.

    It is still exactly as he described. Its's hard to keep track if you have lots of cases open. Probably on tech's side, it's as uncomfortable as on our's - maybe one reason for the lengthy response times.

    I add:

    you don't even see the files you uploaded via support portal - just not to mention the files sent with mail don't show up either.

    closed cases are hard to find - but had a workaround from LuCar Toni.