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How to view Sophos progress at URL sample submissions?


unfortunately, customers are still not getting Feedback when submitting URL samples. You should not create a support case for such a minor task.

I've already asked that once here.

How can I review, what Sophos did with my submissions? Is there some portal or Website where I can do that? Today I need to make a reminder in my calendar to check if Sophos changed something or not. That's not good.

Why, we're still not beeing informed about the progress?

Thanks for Sophos answers on this.

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  • Thanks Kushal,

    I can check the category at any time with XG URL category check or with Sophos Intelix.

    But don't you think there should be some notification from Sophos within an URL submission?

    I want to report a URL to Sophos

    Get and check categorization report

    Forget that URL.

    Today I need to remember or make notes of URL I sent to Sophos and check it manually. That is not good.