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Sophos Support Feedback

Going to be honest, I haven't really had any good experiences with Sophos technical support. 

1- They call at all hours, whenever they want. This is really inconvenient for me. Even when I give them a window, they miss the window. Today, I got three different calls from Sophos and I'm not sure why or from whom.

2 - The techs insist on calls when doing basic troubleshooting. If I give you the issue and then enable remote support (sending the access key) I don't want to have a phone call wasting my time going over the configuration. You could have done that on your own.

3 - I am asked for the same information over and over again by the same techs.

4 - I have an XG firewall and it seems really unfinished. I run into a lot of bugs, and I end up having to escalate the ticket - I feel like I'm fighting the first responders to escalate. I don't have time for you to go over the same information three or four times; if you don't know then give me a different tech who knows.

I honestly feel really frustrated, and would not recommend Sophos to someone else.

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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    Our sincere apologies for the negative Support experience you've had. We'll be following up with the management team to raise your concerns and to investigate your support cases to better understand what happened so that we can improve the experience we provide in the future.

    Over the past several months we have increased our support staff by ~20% and the team is 100% focused on delivering high-quality, timely support. We are seeing gradual improvements in performance and we expect these improvements to continue over the course of the next few weeks and months. In the meantime, you can escalate cases to our 24X7 escalation team by sending an email message to Please include a case number so that we help you more quickly.

    Director, Global Community & Digital Support

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