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My Sophos Experience


I want to complain of the poor service I received from Sophos. Since we started using the Sophos product, it hasn't been smooth speaking with support, and yesterday was my worst day. From experience; 1) it looks like most of the guys I've spoken to with regard to support, don't have the experience with the use of the tools or the technical expertise in performing their task. 2) Customer service is really poor, and I think the support team should go and learn from Microsoft how to give support.

I was having issue with connecting to my Sophos VPN and the agents I spoke to couldn't help, and the annoying thing was the agent said its probably my ISP after I said all our remote worker can't connect to it. Anyway after spending about 4hrs on the phone with Sophos to fix this issue which wasn't possible, I had to dig into it myself and got it sorted. 

Why am I frustrated? 
1. I called and was transferred to support, the phone got disconnected and because I my query had not been logged i had no ticket ID, when I called back I couldn't give ticket ID and had to start all over again. This happened 3 times, and the 4th time, I begged the agent to please call take my mobile number and call back should the call disconnect. Now this agent I was talking to, didn't have the expertise to support the issue, which is fine as we all not on same level and keep learning on the job. She cut the call on purpose I'm sure why and when I called back and was transferred to support again it was the same agent unfortunately, i believe she recognised my voice, she said hello a few times and then hung up. I spent the whole of my day calling Sophos support.

2. I Called back by this time first line of supports knew me as i called so many times and could feel the stress in my voice. Th first line support agent helped to create a ticket and ensure I got a good service this time, finally i spoke to someone who was willing to help, although we didn't end up fixing the problem, he at least called back later to try and see if we could fix the problem. Problem still not solved, he arranged for someone in time zone to call me back between 10an-12pm and nobody called back.

Now with Microsoft, every call must have a ticket ID sent to your email even before you make your case, and if the call disconnects, they'll send you an email and immediately try to call you back or ask for the best time to reach you. If that agent cant help with the issue he or she will try and get another agent to support. With Sophos, you get no email, no call.

Yes I finally i managed to sort it out myself, but I am really disappointed and the fact that I have to go on with these products for 3yrs is my pain.

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