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Should we really get sophos premium support over the slow responce with sophos technical support.

Here's my question.
Been 1 year supporting sophos XG firewalls as a System intergrator and also 1 year as an End user and i notice that sophos support is really terrible.
Sometimes i wonder, what's the point of getting a premium support when the normal support is just as slow.
During my time as a system intergrator when we face an issue that requires emergency action or support, with premium support , the call lines are always engaged or it puts you on hold to listen to some silly symphony that never ends. It's like indirectly forcing you to never call them ever again. If we can't get the right support, what's the point of even signing a premium support.
I've also get an excuse that there's shortage of man power. Yes and how much sophos charge for premium support for yearly or 3 years ? Is this the excuse that sophos management team instructed their support team to tell to customers ?
If there's lack of human resources why not employ more to get the problem solve ? What's the point of charging premium and tell customers that supports are best effort ?
Do you buy a Ferrari and tell your customers that the car run on it's best effort but you still have to pay premium for it ?
I've been testing the forum support and trust me. Even as a normal user , the support is really crappy.
The replies comes one or two times. And the rest, they leave it to you to figure out yourself.
My management team is asking me if we do need a premium support after the new rollout of the Sophos firmware v18 mr4.
From the looks of it, i can tell that base on the so call premium support we can get.. it's premium "best effort" and "figure it yourself" support.
I've to looks elsewhere to migrate our entire sophos unit to other vendors. It's really getting on my nerves.

We've at least 5 units of XG units and 15 units of UTM plus a central sophos management.
Looks though , it's time for me to switch the entire unit to other brands then continue with this disaster.

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