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Feedback from a new customer.

Dear Sophos,

I just wanted to take the time to relay some of my experiences as a new customer to the support model you have implemented. 

I've experienced both sides of the divide having been in telesupport for Digital Equipment back in the late 1980's and I have to say this setup is certainly confusing from my perspective. The key challenge for me as a customer is like another customer pointed out in a similar thread, I just don't know the status of the ticket logged. When I first logged the call, I wanted to speak directly to technical support. On ringing the number provided I was left in a perpetual loop of music and being told everyone was busy. Eventually after 27mins and 32 seconds I was abruptly cut off. So onto chat, the initial front end response was good and was told I would be put in touch with technical support, this indeed happened, I had a technical support rep come onto the chat and asked what the problem was. I then relayed the problem and then the chat session went quiet, I waited a time then sent a 'Hello?' message to see if there was going to be a response to which the session was terminated from the Sophos side and an email came through to tell me the ticket had been closed.

Act 3 - Onto the Support Portal, I had created an account so thought I'd just have a look around and noticed that indeed my ticket was referenced so I took a look at the content, in essence it said the ticket status is open awaiting customer response. I've responded via email with a full description of the problem (no mention on this on the portal) I've also sent a reply back asking how you would wish me to reply back. Again the status still reads awaiting customer response. So at this moment in time, I don't know if the issue is being investigated, it's now been open since the 28th Dec. I don't know if the technical support folks have seen any emails I've sent or indeed the word documents downloaded to support the ticket (again these are not referenced).

It may just be the fact that I'm missing out on something here, however I've seen similar concerns in other threads. Luckily I've a workaround on the firewall so the impact is not too great, however as a new customer to Sophos I'm not getting that welcoming feeling that I had hoped for.

Hope you find this useful, as they always told us at Digital, "it cost 10x as more to try and win back a customer than to retain a happy customer". Not sure what the ratio is today?


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