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AP6 420E constant green LED is offline - normal operation?

while testing with the AP6 I see one device is showing offline for an hour in central. Checking the device it has a constant green LED and is not rebooting or whatever.

According to the documentation a solid green LED means normal operation.

So, what is it?  Being offline doesn't seem to be the new "normal".

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  • Hi  ,

    Good day and thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    Regret to hear that you have bumped into an inconvenience. 

    Given that it still has green light indicated physically and down logically on management does it still provide a connection or none at all? 

    I may also recommend you to open a support ticket for this to be further investigated and please share with us the caseID on the thread.

    Many thanks for your time and patience and thank you for choosing Sophos.


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  • Essentially the AP6 can work without Link to Central. Which means the local UI is fully available and the LED indicates not the Link to Central, instead the availablity of the AP6 itself. 

    Compared to APX, which made the APX unavailable without Central / Firewall, the AP6 is perfectly fine without Central, as the settings from Central gets pushed to the AP6. 


  • Thanks, I understand it can work with cached config but will not indicate a loss of active management communication in any visible way.

  • Actually: It is not cached config. AP6 is standalone. But accepts "call to actions" from central. Which means: If Central is not reachable, the AP6 does not care until it is once reachable. 
    It was a decision to change the LEDs and doing a RED/Orange LED for "not reachable" was not the right call as the AP6 still is fully functional.