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Sophos APX / Clients cant get DHCP or active Connection / Bug


i think i just found out a Bug and would like to ask if someone else expieriencing the same issue.

When i connect an already configured APX320 to the switch to power it up, it will get the newest config. But when i try to connect to the wifi it is sending, i wont get an DHCP, and when i set a manual IP, i am not able to communicate to the Firewall. The wifi is a seperate network, so no vlan bridging.

However when i remove the assigned wifi from the APX, wait till it updates and put it back again, it is working flawlessly.

I searched forever to find this out, but this seems like a bug. We have 24 APX320 and 3 APX740. I didnt try it yet with the 740. 

I have an XGS3100 with SFOS 19.5.0 GA-Build197. Firmware Pattern from the AP is on 11.0.020

I would like to know wether someone else has this, or is this something only happening at my site...

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  • did you find out if the DHCP problem only affected the WiFi Clients or also internal LAN clients?
    Asking because of us having a rare DHCP bug condition for years now - when it hits us, we need to delete and recreate a DHCP relay or server object on the firewall to resolve. Firewall stops forwarding DHCP offer packets in that situation - WiFi and LAN.

    had the issue last week again and we're on 19.0.2.

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