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Sophos APX / Clients cant get DHCP or active Connection / Bug


i think i just found out a Bug and would like to ask if someone else expieriencing the same issue.

When i connect an already configured APX320 to the switch to power it up, it will get the newest config. But when i try to connect to the wifi it is sending, i wont get an DHCP, and when i set a manual IP, i am not able to communicate to the Firewall. The wifi is a seperate network, so no vlan bridging.

However when i remove the assigned wifi from the APX, wait till it updates and put it back again, it is working flawlessly.

I searched forever to find this out, but this seems like a bug. We have 24 APX320 and 3 APX740. I didnt try it yet with the 740. 

I have an XGS3100 with SFOS 19.5.0 GA-Build197. Firmware Pattern from the AP is on 11.0.020

I would like to know wether someone else has this, or is this something only happening at my site...

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  • Hi hre,

    Good day and many thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community and I hope you are well. 

    May we ask the status of this concern and if you did open a support ticket for this? If yes, Kindly send us the caseID via DM or by replying to this thread so we can track progress on our end. 

    If not, I may recommed you to open a support ticket to have this further checked and investigated and kindly share to us the would be generated caseId

    Many thanks for your time and patience and thank you for choosing Sophos. 


    Raphael Alganes
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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  • We could resolve this issue with updating to SFOS 19.5.1 MR-1-Build278. Since then i havent seen that behaviour. I havent created a ticket for it though...

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