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VLAN tag on the WAN port using PPPoE ( UFB NZ )

Good morning / Day / Evening all,

I am trying to set up the Sophos home version V19 at home.

I have created a VLAN 10 with PPPoE and it shows that it is connected and I have my static IP as I would expect but I am not getting any traffic.

Back in the Cyberoam days we had to create a dummy port, do we have to do that or doe we have to bind the Valn port 2.10 to Port 2 somehow.

The only instructions for the VLAN on the WAN port is for DHCP and Static IP. My ISP only does PPPoE

Any help appreciated.

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  • Hi  Dummy IP configuration is not required as of now with SF OS on the main physical interface and you may directly add the VLAN-based interface with the required zone with the required IP assignment (like Static, DHCP, or PPPoE).

    Example: Navigate to Network > Interface > Click on Add Interface > Add VLAN > Fill in the required information and select the required physical port, zone and assignment 

    Reference Snapshot:

    If the configuration is done as per above then confirming the syslog.log will help to get more info for PPPoE handshake status.


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  • Thank you for your reply,

    I tried again this morning and it worked, maybe I was getting a little impatient, it might take my ISP a few minutes to notice a change of router.

    Thanks again.