Sophos Firewall: v19.0 MR1: Feedback and experiences

  • It seems to be using a lot less RAM. Been running 3.5 hours and averaging 67% RAM usage. Usage goes up over time, so it may settle in at a higher average, but v18.5 was using about 75% on average and v19 GA was using about 80% on average, for me.

    Had a crash of v19 GA this afternoon where the blue (storage) light blinks like crazy and I slowly lose capabilities until the AP goes orange, etc and have to reboot. (This has happened maybe once a month for me, maybe once every two months.) Hopefully fixed in v19 MR1.

  • Hi,

    Memory usage currently sitting around 84%, previously version was around 70-74%, so I would expect the usage to drop over the next couple of days


    XG115W - v19.5.0 EAP1 - Home

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  • Next morning, looking at the Live CPU & Memory widget (covers the last two hours) yields: Max 70.48% || Avg 69.7%. Which is still significantly below what I'd experienced in v18.5 and especially v19 GA which had me worried because it was averaging higher. This is on an XGS-87, which is the smallest appliance.

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